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Kennedy Speaks Out

Like cream, truth always rises to the top. Hear more details about the truth of the vaccine issue from Robert Kennedy here. He started out as an environmental activist and … Continue reading

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The World is Waking Up: Parental Rights Under Siege

I wanted to meet RFK but I was too young. I admired his work for civil rights in the ’60s, and have wondered recently what he would say about all … Continue reading

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Recipe: Healthy Marshmallow Peeps

Oh, the empty easter basket… It can strike fear into the hearts of moms who try so hard to keep kids away from sugar and other toxic junk. So what … Continue reading

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Dangerous Dairy vs Healthy Dairy: Do You Know the Difference?

It’s been years since I’ve jumped into the milk vat.  After suffering chronic joint and gallbladder pain in my 30s, I decided it wasn’t worth it.  So I chucked it. … Continue reading

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Time to Build a Sailboat

As we settle into the new year, I am sensing big change.  Not as in small change, like a new haircut, but a global shift.  And it’s coming from all … Continue reading

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11 Health Foods That Can Kill You

I came across this post on HoneyColony and couldn’t agree more — check out these 11 “Health Foods” That Can Kill You.  I agree with almost all of them, except … Continue reading

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Do You Really Know What’s In Vaccines?

As of March 2013, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) declared that autism now affects 1 in 50 children in the United States — when my son was born in … Continue reading

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Healthy & Easy Raw Vegan Condiments

One of my biggest challenges relative to eating healthy is avoiding soy.  It’s everywhere, because it’s used as an emulsifier in everything from mayonnaise to salad dressings.  Sugar also is … Continue reading

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RETHINKING FOOD III: Exploring Raw Veganism

Years ago I attempted raw vegan cooking.  I always feel great when I eat it and I find I have more calm and focus, although I still believe in combining … Continue reading

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Delish Raw Vegan Chocolate Cookies

Whenever I can, I prepare raw vegan dishes for my family.  Eating raw is a process, and it takes time.  But it’s always worth it when you get something tasty … Continue reading

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